Pet Wellness Services

The level of care and quality of our medical services represent the very best that modern veterinary medicine has to offer. As medical professionals, we know that preventative care is the best means to protect your pet’s well being as well as to minimize the lifetime cost of care.
We also understand that there is no single cookie cutter approach that will make all pets healthy. We will work with you to understand your pet’s unique health care needs and tailor our preventative care approach to those needs.
In general, though, we recommend regular, thorough wellness exams as well as a balanced vaccination protocol, lost pet microchip ID, specialized veterinary pediatric and senior care, dental services, and more.
Should your pet become ill or injured, Norfolk County Veterinary Service offers state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and laboratory services, medical therapies and treatments, and surgical services. Our doctors also possess a diverse range of educational and professional experience and are able to work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for your pet.
Beyond our medical skills and services, we also strive to deliver the highest standards of care while maintaining the best client service possible. Service to you, our clients, is friendly and helpful whether it is from one of our doctors, receptionists or veterinary technicians. 
In all that we do, our hospital and its medical services are designed to protect the health and well being of your pet while also striving to ensure that each visit to our clinic is a pleasant one. We not only want you to view us as a home for the care of your animal companions, but a place you are proud to tell your friends and family about.